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“We want a sincere apology more than anything”

“We want a sincere apology more than anything”

“우리는 진정한 사과를 원한다”

On Wednesday, January 6th at 12 PM, the 1212th ‘Wednesday’s protest rally to resolve ‘comfort women’ issues’ was held in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. Wednesday’s protest rally, which was first held on January 8th, 1992, marked the 24th anniversary.

Having been angered at the recent agreement between South Korea and Japan to settle the ‘comfort women’ issue, more people participated than usual at this first rally of the year. They also opposed the request by the Japanese government to remove a statue of a girl symbolizing ‘comfort women’ near the embassy.





photo_2016-01-07_10-02-16                                  photo_2016-01-07_10-02-28


NP Photo Wycliff Luke

Ms. Lee Yong-Soo, a former ‘comfort woman’, expressed her strong will to resolve the issue in a rightful way, saying “if I keep silent there may be further sacrifice of our girls in the future.”

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