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2015 Human Rights Concert, ‘Human Rights, Sing for Hope Again’

2015 Human Rights Concert 

Contact:      (04537) Seoul Jung-gu Myongdong-gil 80, 2nd floor

Catholic Human Rights Committee                                                    

Date:             2015. 11. 30

Email:           2015humanrights@gmail.com

Facebook:     www.facebookk.com/HumanrightsAct



2015 Human Rights Concert

‘Human Rights, Sing for Hope Again’

107 Human Rights Groups and Civil Society Organizations Hold Human Rights Concert

Featuring Lee Eun-mi and Kingston Rudieska

Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 7 pm

Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul

1. 2015 Human Rights Concert Preparatory Committee is organizing ‘2015 Human Rights Concert’ that will take place on Tuesday 1st December at 7 pm in Jangchung Gymnasium. The preparatory committee is composed of 107 organizations (as of 30th ) including Minkahyup, Catholic Human Rights Committee, People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Korean Confederation of Trade Union, Korean Peasants League and so on. The chairperson is Park Rae-goon, the head of Human Rights Foundation ‘Saram’.

2. The preparatory committee held a press conference titled ‘Sing Human Rights Again’ on Thursday 12th November in Tapgol Park and announced the number of prisoners of conscience which shows the reality of human rights in Korea in the year of 2015. Following the conference, the preparatory committee and Minkahuyp co-hosted 1049th Thursday Demonstration for the release of prisoners of conscience and the abolishment of National Security Law. A total of 50 prisoners of conscience were held in prison at the time of announcement. However in 26th November, it was confirmed that the total number of prisoners of conscience increased to 73. Just within 10 days one person was arrested for a violation of National Security Law, 7 people for the participation of the anti-government protest in 14th November and 8 people for labor cases such as high-altitude protest. And a number of raids took place on the suspicion of violation of National Security Law. Considering the number of people in prison and warrants issued, human rights in Korean society is rapidly regressing.

3. The preparatory committee organized human rights concert in December 2014 succeeding ‘Night of Poem and Music for Prisoners of Conscience’ which was suspended in 2006 after 18th About 2000 people attended the last concert faced up the reality of human rights, sang songs together, and laughed and cried. We want to feel touched this year again.

 Farmer Baek Nam-gi remained unconscious at a hospital after he injured his head as police doused him with water cannons during the anti-government protest. The media does not report the cause of the rally but the dispute about its legality. Politicians denounce the protesters as rioters and President Park compares Korean people as terrorists at last. This is the dismal reality of Korea.

4. We prepare again this human rights concert with solidarity of the suffering and suppressed people. The chairperson Park Rae-goon, who spent 110 days in jail as a prisoner of conscience for himself, will talk with 3 human rights activists about the reality of human rights in Korea. Lee Eun-mi and other cultural artists will sing songs and poems of human rights and conscience. Many people have sent supportive messages to this human rights concert.

5. December 1st is the day of National Security Law and the first day of human rights week which celebrates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted December 10th. The bereaved families Sewol ferry victims, the laid-off workers of Ssangyong Motors, the villagers of Miryang and Gangjeong, and the families of the rebellion conspiracy case victims will come together. We invite you to this human rights concert which everybody enjoys, regardless of entitlement.

 ‘Human Rights, Sing for Hope Again’

2015 Human Rights Concert

-Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 7 pm

-Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul

The program

5pm Preliminary event

‘Hope Banquet’, Banquet for the parties to violations of human rights

6pm Auxiliary event

‘Hope Booth’, booths of participating groups and organizations and non-mainstream photo studio

7.30 pm Main event

‘Human Rights, Sing for Hope Again’ Poem, music, performance, talk concert and so on


2015 Human Rights Concert Preparatory Committee


Civil society organization network in korea

Coalition 4.16 on the Sewol Ferry Disaster

Committee for Promotion of Working Class Party ‘Act and Revolution’

DASAN humanrights center

Human Rights Foundation SARAM

Jesusalgi (with jesus)

Korea Alliance For Progressive Movement (KAPM)

Korean confederation of trade unions

Korean  Committee  for  Saving  Victims  of  Lawmaker  Lee  Seok-ki  Rebelion  Consiracy  Case

Korea Solidarity against Precarious Work (KSPW)

Korean Women’s  Alliance

Korea youth solidarity

MINBYUN-Lawyers for a Democratic Society

Pan-Korea Alliance For Reunification

People’s Action for Democracy

Professor for Democracy

SHARPS(Supporters for the Health And Rights of People in the Semiconductor industry)

Solidarity for People’s Right of Korea

The National Clergy Conference for Justice and Peace

Truth-finding Commission on Yongsan Disaster

Workers’ Solidarity

107 organizations including etc.

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