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‘Open the Jail Gate’

‘Open the Jail Gate’ 열려라. 감옥문! On September 29th during the Chuseok holiday about 500 people participated in a Chuseok cultural festival held in front of the Suwon Correctional Center to show support for the release of Lee Seok Ki, an imprisoned former South Korean lawmaker of the now-defunct United Progressive Party. Lee was convicted on charges of violating the ...

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All kind of extremism is not religion.

 All kind of extremism is not religion. 모든 형태의 극단주의는 종교가 아니다.   Dr. Munib A. Younan, the chairman of the Lutheran World Federation(LWF) visited South Korea. Dr. Younan proclaimed “Islam extremism, Hindu extremism, Buddhism extremism etc. all kind of extremism is not religion. True religion is loving neighbor.”  Grande Hilton Hotel, Seoul, South Korea. [NP Photo : Wycliff Luke]

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