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Dream Towards Victory

Dream Towards Victory

Victory Lee


인헌중학교 재학시절 이승리 양

Dream, dream, dream. As adults always tell children, a dream is an essential key to success. It’s what keeps you going all the time. I also have a dream, a dream I can confidently talk about. My dream is to become a UN Secretary General.

When I was young, I saw the hard lives of the African children on television for the first time. And upon seeing the poor children who were struggling with labor, I couldn’t help crying. I wondered many times why God didn’t give those poor children the opportunity to eat, to live like a human, and to smile. But I soon, realized that God wants us to solve this problem by helping each other, and I felt my responsibility on this problem. This is the reason why I decided to become a UN Secretary General, why I made a firm decision to give the poor African children a brighter tomorrow, and why I truly want to achieve peace in this world I am living.

Too much conflict, too much war, too much inequality and unfairness are existing in this world, never knowing when to stop. And I truly hope to fix this world to a better place to live not only for the minority of people but for every single person breathing on Earth. This might sound like an impossible dream, but I believe I can do it because I am Victory, and I have a sincere will to make this world a better place to live for everybody. I will never give up because I will achieve my goal to raise this world from a deep hole of tears and misunderstanding. I will stand up firmly when many difficulties put me down in a depression.

Once, I have lived in a poor country. There, I experienced seeing and feeling the circumstances of poor countries in reality. And I can never forget their hopeless eyes, begging for a coin, their dark feet barely standing, and their hearts asking for care and love. Through this experience, my dream grew up as a strong will of fulfilling it. And from that moment, I started running to achieve my dream. I don’t know when I will be able to reach the top of this high mountain. But the more important thing is my blood and perspiration now and whether I am happy for my dream. Therefore, I decided to be responsible for the privileges I have and the duties I have to accomplish now. First, I do my best in my studies. Then I started learning Spanish, my third language. Step by step, when I try hard all the time and run towards my dream, I believe today will lead me to a brighter tomorrow and my tomorrow will lead me to a successful future.

I would like to tell every child on Earth;

‘Have your own dreams, and strive hard to achieve your dreams. Choose a dream you truly want to achieve, a dream you think will make you happy, not because of success but because of the changes you have made to individuals in this world. And concentrate on the moment you live by. Then, I bet that you would absolutely be able to enjoy this moment with your firm dream.’

(저자소개: 이 글을 기고한 이승리 양은 2001년 생으로 2014년 서울 이수 초등학교를 졸업하고 서울 인헌 중학교 1학년을 마친후 2015년 1월에 미국으로 유학을 왔다. 아버지가 직업군인이어서 자주 전학을 다녀, 여러 다른 환경에 잘 적응하는 것을 익히고 초등학교 당시 필리핀 유학생활을 하며 영어를 배웠다. 사교육을 받지 않고 집에서 자기주도적인 학습을 해왔으며 많은 꿈이 있다고 한다.)

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